The Center for Island Pacific Research and Development (CIPRD) is an independent think tank that connects a community of researchers and academics with an interest in the island Pacific region. It encourages diversity of opinion and a spirit of community and collegiality. It is not politically or ideologically aligned, and all publications represent the views of the authors only. What CIPRD does represent is new, innovative and thought-provoking discussion about aid policy, economic development and Pacific relations.

CIPRD Policy Briefs

Our Policy Brief series began in 2007 to inspire and inform the debate on aid in the lead-up to the Federal election. We aim to provide high-quality original research and analysis on topical issues. Each Brief contains clear policy recommendations that draw on the findings of our experienced researchers.

CIPRD Mission

CIPRD was established in 2006 to bring together researchers on the Pacific throughout the world. The island Pacific is a small region, and the community of researchers is scattered. Few defined centers of research currently exist, and with renewed interest in the Pacific and the release of Australia’s White Paper on Aid and Pacific 2020 and the Pacific Island Forum Secretariat’s Pacific Plan there is clear interest in aid policy and our relationship with the Pacific.

Early career researchers are the "missing link" in the Pacific, particularly in the fields of economics and development. CIPRD aims to encourage early career research by providing opportunities for mentoring, constructive peer review and information sharing.

CIPRD welcomes notices about research funding, scholarships and opportunities for researchers.

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